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Printing is not dead, prooving with a selection of amazing guys and exciting artworks from around the globe in our second printed magazine, PNPPL zine 04.

Featuring JJ Geiger’s work on the front cover with Marc & Marc and artwork by Bran Sólo on the back cover. Our magazine features 9 exclusive, never seen photo editorial for you to enjoy, we interviewed Marco Siciliano Italian artist and we introduce Bran Sólo and Fabro Tranchida artworks. All together there is 112 page to Pine over on 120 g paper, in A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 in) for 20$. Get ready for these talented photographers and artists from South America, China, USA and from around Europe. Be aware, the magazine features a lots of skin and full of explicit pictures! Estimated shipping time 10-20 days.

For preview, visit www.pnpplzine.com